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Beer, Mate?

"Keep playing games. Make time to play games with friends and family, because it's surprisingly heartbreaking to wipe a thin layer of dust off a game you love, before you put it back on the shelf because the real world is calling you." Wil Wheaton

Invite your friends round to your new Games Room where you can forget work and focus on rest and play. Whether your preference is for darts or bridge, pool or poker, jenga or chess you now have the opportunity to enjoy playing them in your own Games Room. Make sure you can watch your favourite sports and films on TV / DVD or connect to online friends and the internet using the connection to your home network.

We suggest six double sockets to allow the use of games machines, TV, Laptops, fridge, etc. And as you'll enjoy the comfort of your insulated Games Room even when the evening temperatures fall, you'll need some lamps to help you and your friends play long after the sun has gone down.

Choose a play area from 6 square metres up to 24 square metres and remember the windows are made with toughened glass for those who play hard!

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