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No Chocolate!

Lose Weight

Look Great!

"Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everyone would have a great body." Cher

What if you could reclaim a spare bedroom by moving your rowing machine and exercise bike into the new Gym in the garden? Even our smallest rooms have enough space to create your own Gym and cancel that membership that is often under-used as you can’t find the time to travel there.

It’s your garden, use it as often as you want, we can’t do it for you – but we can help!

Laminate or solid floors, timber, concrete or paved bases. Little gyms from 6 square metres up to Olympic ones with 40 square metres. That's room enough to hold a range of health and fitness equipment and even some friends to keep the motivation high.

A word of warning - the EcoSuite Gym stays warm in Winter and cool in Summer so you'll have no excuses for not using it! Contact us now to discuss options that workout best for you. Go for it!

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